Vocalizing – Relearning how to be His toy.

whisperOne of the things i have to work on, get back into, is vocalizing my pleasure when we are playing or just touching at all. I know this is one thing that the Bear really enjoys, listening to how He’s making me feel and react!

I’ve said before i’m normally very much in my head, it’s how i work. The whole point of doing these things is to get me out of my head and quite literally into His arms!

The more i am vocal and react to His touches the more He does and frankly, the more i get! If i keep my pleasure essentially to myself by not making any noise, He loses interest and play time is over.

We’ve been having more time and more energy so we have been doing more play …. BUT with this cold of mine it has been difficult to make any sounds that don’t come out either a high pitched squeak or a croak!  *chuckle* Not totally sexy!

On a serious note, it has made me realize how much out of practice i am …. i know He likes my sounds and i know they always heighten things for me as well, i just need to get back into the habit of allowing them to come out more quickly. I don’t mean screams, just moans of pleasure will do  …. *wink*

10 thoughts on “Vocalizing – Relearning how to be His toy.

  1. My own “Tina Turner”. Lol. It made for a giant smile for me. I can’t wait for “your” voice to return.☺


    1. i know it’s true, i just get so caught up in my head and in ‘feeling’ what’s happening in my body that i don’t naturally make much noise. Well, not until …… *smirk* but it’s more difficult to get there if He’s not getting any encouragement! LoL
      Work in progress!!

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