Feeling exceptionally blessed ….

I have this wonderful happy feeling in my soul that just won't leave! (Not that I want it to!) My life feels awesome and complete. I love you Sir and all you do for me/us. You've worked so hard, you've done so much and I can't think of one thing I could possibly be worried … Continue reading Feeling exceptionally blessed ….


Expectant submissive …hummm

Is that kind of like saying Brat? In my experience having set out huge expectations for your Sir is almost certainly a road to failure. In general these expectations tend to be based on someone else's stories and experiences. Although they might sound fantastic they just might not fit your Sir! Your Sir needs to find … Continue reading Expectant submissive …hummm

‘Little’ vanilla is still vanilla …..

I read somewhere that someone was saying that when they argue with their Sir they aren't going 'vanilla', they are going 'little' because they want to say hurtful things and take away their toys (meaning their submission) and go home.... I know they will never see this and little is not part of our dynamic … Continue reading ‘Little’ vanilla is still vanilla …..