Freedom in His chains.

strong:   able to withstand great force or pressure. powerful:  having great power or strength. For as strong and powerful as I have always been I was never complete. Now that I am His, I am free. free:  not physically restrained, obstructed, or fixed; unimpeded. Strong, powerful and free. Even in the darkest and weightiest of days I … Continue reading Freedom in His chains.


Irony of submission

There are many times in life that I laugh wryly at what goes on around me but this time it's just a good old-fashioned, knowing chuckle! I just wrote something yesterday that put the irony of my relationship front and center! The misconception of submission, at least mine anyway. I started down this road of … Continue reading Irony of submission

Re-Blog! Ay Caliente – The Spice of Subbies

Did you know peppers were cultivated in Central America well before 4,000 BC? Thanks to the Spanish explorers, the mighty pepper has now spread all across the globe, and hundreds of mutations of the original now exist. China is even the world’s leader in producing green bell peppers now. This brutal plant is an offshoot […] … Continue reading Re-Blog! Ay Caliente – The Spice of Subbies