Making Soup

There is something incredibly relaxing and mind calming about making soup for me, or any down home type cooking! Maybe it's reminiscent of the old movies and the mom in the kitchen while the kids play in the yard. Maybe it's just because the actions of chopping and peeling and prepping just leave no room … Continue reading Making Soup


Knee high socks

Funny how a pair of socks can transform an evening! 😉  Your new found creativity seems to have no limits ... I like it very much! Getting over my hangups and just talking to you and being myself helps too! I can't imagine having come this far with anyone else but you Sir! I cherish … Continue reading Knee high socks

Where did it go wrong in the first place?

When I look back now I honestly think that the worst and best thing that happened to me/us was menopause. Let me explain, before menopause I never would have been mouthy or disregard your wants. Even if I wasn't getting everything I wanted or needed I would have just dealt with it myself, quietly and … Continue reading Where did it go wrong in the first place?