Definitely maturing … active submission

I've spent a lot of time trying to grapple with the thoughts in my head between active submission and topping/leading. I think it was difficult for me because i am so naturally inclined to take charge of things and get the job done when it comes to life that it got confused. Not confused intellectually … Continue reading Definitely maturing … active submission


Menopause and D/s, again!

Every time i write about this it really makes me laugh. Why? Well because when we were first searching out a network to learn and communicate with we ran into one such site that was less than helpful. It was okay if you were interested in sex, and sex, and pics and more sex .... … Continue reading Menopause and D/s, again!

Peri menopause, dynamic, sex drive!

I left a comment for someone that has spurred on this post. I've written before about how going into peri menopause put my sex drive through the roof! Running around like a horny teenager all the time ... a one track mind for sure! I had this same conversation with a few vanilla friends so … Continue reading Peri menopause, dynamic, sex drive!

No, I don’t always get what I want …..

Some time ago I got a lot of flack over a post (or small set of posts) about not putting things on hold and frankly in my case not finding submission very hard .... A couple of people who disagreed commented on here but there was a least one who wrote on their own blog … Continue reading No, I don’t always get what I want …..

It has it’s up’s and down’s!

Good morning Sir, Happy Thursday! This isn't going to be a happy-go-lucky post today, I'm not feeling great and I thought I might as well document it here for both you and anyone reading who might want a full picture of what submission can look and feel like. It's not that there is anything wrong … Continue reading It has it’s up’s and down’s!

The joys of Menopause, and sex!

The title is sarcastic, just in case there is any confusion. This has been a particularly tough month(s). My body has had just about enough torment with the nursing home 'sleeping', Rotti carrying and now trying to play catch up on my healing with work and the wonderful monthly cycle accompanied by menopause. In the … Continue reading The joys of Menopause, and sex!