Arghhhh ….

Feeling hormonal and frustrated ..... that's all I have to say today. If you were hoping for feisty, I believe you have accomplished your goal! Love You Sir ❤


Words of Wisdom – D/s included

I think for any relationship to be fulfilling the emotional investment needs to be the same from both sides. I don't think it matters what type of relationship or what type of dynamic. The truth of the human condition is that if you don't feel the investment is the same you will be unhappy, period! … Continue reading Words of Wisdom – D/s included

Newton’s Third Law

The physics of a D/s relationship also applies .... For every (submissive) action there is an equal and opposite (dominant) reaction ... the two forces must coexist in order for the energy to be maintained. In addition, someone must start the action or no reaction will be forthcoming to balance the equation ..... In a … Continue reading Newton’s Third Law