An Update

I wanted to thank everyone who reached out and touched base with me to offer their support, well wishes and prayers. I’m short on time these days and so I hope this update will do the trick for now.

My youngest has severe anxiety that we have been trying to manage for about 6 years now. I have written at length on my other blog site. He has also been fighting some PTSD thanks to an a**hole of a teacher in 9th grade ….. *sigh* But that’s all elsewhere, the point is that due to those issues I have been sleeping in the hospital with him these past two weeks.

Bear and I both for the first week until they moved us to a much smaller room. I now sleep in a chair and Bear runs back and forth 2hrs each way to get things we need, laundry and take care of the house and dog. We have my oldest and family to help as well so we are blessed in that way.

So far we have found cancer in his spinal fluid so more treatment options were added. A brain bleed that we have had to manage but luckily no surgery, and his sugar has spiked making him ‘diabetic’ for a time. It has been managed with diet and some insulin but so far it’s looking like it will go away once the prednisone has run its course. Fingers crossed.

They have found some ‘twisted’ up veins in his brain that we are keeping a close eye on as well, it was found because he was having major headaches that just wouldn’t stop. One had ruptured, hence the bleed, but the others look stable. It will mean follow ups with the neuro surgeon for the foreseeable future. Better than not knowing I suppose.

So besides the sleeplessness, distance and obvious stressors ….. no, we are not kinking it up. We are still who we are and like what we like but for now all of that is just a slow simmer, a memory.

‘Bunny’ is on hold, ‘nijntje’ is on low reacting to any and all signs from Bear – and the warrior is back to take care of business.

As always, be well! ❤