What a wonderful weekend with my favourite person! 🙂 I enjoy being yours and I am feeling your dominance more and more naturally all the time. I can't think of one thing I would change, it all seems so natural and so complete I can't wait to be with you every minute of every day! … Continue reading Wonderful


Feeling Awesome!

Last night was wonderful Sir and I wanted to thank you! I must admit that you did confuse me for a minute and then almost made me giggle! At one point you said 'don't worry' and I though what? Of course I'm not worried, you're in control and I trust you completely, why would I … Continue reading Feeling Awesome!

Working on Your Submission

To me being or staying in a positive mind space is a perpetual work in progress. I have been practicing for many years and have found a few simple but effective ways of really working on remaining there and in turn, submissive to Sir. I find a lot of similarities between things that help me … Continue reading Working on Your Submission

How can you stay connected when there are so many things to do?

As much as I'm sure you would love to roll around in bed all day or hang out on the couch with me at your feet, there are many responsibilities that just need to be met. So when life starts to take over and the alone time is just not coming how do you keep … Continue reading How can you stay connected when there are so many things to do?