More and more ..

I find myself in an interesting position, one that i've been in before. Since we both have the mental energy to focus a bit more on the fun and more obvious rituals for our dynamic we have added to it. Sir wanted some suggestions on how to enhance two of the things that we do … Continue reading More and more ..


Christmas Music?

Read a post this morning asking about a favourite .... if you had one. Well, since i hijacked all the music posts last year i think i'll sit this one out. But ... I love this remake. It's not about Santa or gingerbread but the message is still there and the style is one of … Continue reading Christmas Music?

Learning styles, communication styles and frustration.

Right now i'm trying very hard not to be a very frustrated rabbit. Sir and i have VERY different personalities, exact opposites to be specific. We also have VERY different communication styles and in turn learning styles. It doesn't help that i never forget anything and can easily start from where i left off. Since … Continue reading Learning styles, communication styles and frustration.