More and more ..

I find myself in an interesting position, one that i've been in before. Since we both have the mental energy to focus a bit more on the fun and more obvious rituals for our dynamic we have added to it. Sir wanted some suggestions on how to enhance two of the things that we do … Continue reading More and more ..


‘Bunny mode’

I'm finding myself in full 'bunny mode' more and more these days. This is the mindset i want to take into our conversations, this is the mindset in which i enjoy being His the most, usually. 'Play' is different, i don't think bunny 'plays' .... This is the state of mind that finds me the … Continue reading ‘Bunny mode’

Submission is mine to give, not His to ‘demand’

Submission is also mine to take care of and continue to work on and build. My submission should not be dependent on His dominance alone .... ***** A personal post, sort of a ramble 😛 LoL When i'm in work mode, taking care of business mode i'm very much in the warrior mode that i … Continue reading Submission is mine to give, not His to ‘demand’