Why (consensual) ‘sex slave’? – My female perspective.

I’ve been reading and searching this out for a while now and there is a very consistent undercurrent to any of the healthy relationships i have read, including my own. I know there are many other parts to any relationship but this is just one of the small parts with a big effect.

You may wonder from the outside looking in, or maybe even from the inside trying to figure out why you have chosen this lifestyle, why in the world a woman would choose to do such a thing.

Well, for those whom this lifestyle works the answer is easy. Being posed and dressed and ordered and ‘used’ in a sexy or sexual way helps to increase our body image and sexual self esteem. The more we get put into these situations the more comfortable they become and the more comfortable WE become in our own skin.

Sexual self esteem and a positive body image are large components of good mental health especially if you are a sex positive person, as we obviously are! It helps to release stress and relax sore muscles. It allows positive chemicals to flow through the body which obviously helps your mental health in ALL other issues. And it’s all natural ….

You might wonder how you can keep up such a level of activity and the truth is we all go through active periods and then not so active periods. Those also happen to be the times we feel more agitated, more stressed and more desperate to get our ‘D/s’ back!

The more ‘life’ is going on around us the more we want to be ‘bothered’ with the orders and seemingly wasted moments kneeling and posing and being told to keep up with tasks. The more we want to be prepped and inspected and kept to a certain level of ritual and protocol.

The more we want to be ‘sexual slaves, trained and used’!

It gives us an emotional high, a boost in self esteem and of course self confidence and faith in our own abilities comes along with that. Treat me like your sex slave and i have the strength to take on the world ….

So why wouldn’t i want to do that? Assuming you enjoy sex you get more and more easily turned on and ready the more often you practice it. The more heavily you can feel the PE over the entire day the more able and ready you are to take on everything else. (Can we say 24/7 anyone?)

Once you’ve opened Pandora’s Box anything less than that feels like a black hole ….

Cappan via Getty Images
Cappan via Getty Images

Sex slave falls squarely under selfcare ….. Just thinking out loud.


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