What makes me different, I guess.

I’m a submissive to Sir, of that I am certain. I have absolutely no need or want to control Him or be ‘one up’ on Him what so ever. I have no need to over see His actions or tell Him what He should be doing … it’s not my place and frankly I have no interest in doing that with Sir. I had no interest in doing that before D/s either, not with my man thank you.

I’ve never been one to ‘mother’ Him either, or any adult for that matter. I figured that if I wanted children I would have them, and I did, two …. been there, done that, bought the t-shirt thank you! LOL If you are an adult that needs mothering , well I’m the wrong person to approach. That’s probably one of my biggest pet peeves, immaturity in a mature situation. (I’m not trying to insult anyone here, it’s just not something I want to handle.)

I am very content and at peace following Sir and His ways where ever that might lead and how ever He wishes to lead. That being said, I have absolutely no problem being in charge of my life, or at work, or with a stranger … or whatever the situation dictates.

I don’t get stressed or run down or over whelmed. I don’t get to feeling uncomfortable or that I’m losing myself … or that something is missing. I like the energy, I like being in charge and I have no problem taking command of the ship when needed. It doesn’t scare me or exhaust me, it thrills me!

So yes I am His submissive, but I’m not ‘A’ submissive …. I would not be this way with anyone else. I’d likely chew them up, and spit them out ….! lol

So I have been learning a lot from reading and chatting but I certainly can’t say I have found a place that I fit! Besides here with Sir of course.

Not sure why I felt I needed to say that, but if you are following my site it might be important information for you to understand my point of view on things. I know it’s not for everyone but now you know a bit more of why … 😀

Happy Tuesday!

If you like to see what the rest of my day is like you can try to find my other site! *giggle* ;P


7 thoughts on “What makes me different, I guess.

  1. Interesting.. this very subject was a point of conversation with my slave last night. It is a subject I was considering for my next blog, Now I am sure I’ll write it. Izrina said many things, but in essence, she wondered if she loved service, more than submission. Its an important consideration. I wonder.. do strong persons such as yourself submit to only one for the pleasure of service? Or is it more complicated?, Perhaps a need to find a comfortable place in the hierarchies of power that surround us? Good stuff.. plenty to ponder..

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    1. The short answer, it’s complicated!

      I don’t find pleasure in service in and of itself and I can’t say that submission was ever a ‘need’ either, not for me anyway.

      I’ll try to explain it simply but I’ll likely write about it in more detail soon.

      I am a naturally dominant person, what I found was Sir’s need for me to be submissive to Him. I brought this to Him in hopes of fulfilling something He was missing and making Him happy. I’m not saying I don’t get anything out of it, quite the contrary, I get much more than I would have ever imagined originally, but it was not the driving force for heading down this path.


  2. In an effort to find the origin of an image I came upon your blog. It is wonderful and I look forward to further reading. I enjoy our like-mindedness.

    Regarding the image, it seems you used the image in a protected post on November 18, 2016. The image comes from SOMEWHERE, maybe you can help? Sincere thanks.


    1. Hi Pantera, I’m glad you’re enjoying the site and welcome!
      As to an image, I’m not sure why or how you were lead here but I have looked just to be certain and the protected post holds no images what so ever, it is a diary post for my Sir and so it is private but no pictures, sorry I couldn’t help.


  3. Reblogged this on TPEleatherboy and commented:
    MASTER nijntje, one thing I want to make clear is that I never claimed that I get something here in my area.I `m single slave.and ready to move MASTER! As my nick name says or expresses that I am ready for my own slavery, Consensual.


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