I’m a submissive to Sir, of that I am certain. I have absolutely no need or want to control Him or be ‘one up’ on Him what so ever. I have no need to over see His actions or tell Him what He should be doing … it’s not my place and frankly I have no interest in doing that with Sir. I had no interest in doing that before D/s either, not with my man thank you.

I’ve never been one to ‘mother’ Him either, or any adult for that matter. I figured that if I wanted children I would have them, and I did, two …. been there, done that, bought the t-shirt thank you! LOL If you are an adult that needs mothering , well I’m the wrong person to approach. That’s probably one of my biggest pet peeves, immaturity in a mature situation. (I’m not trying to insult anyone here, it’s just not something I want to handle.)

I am very content and at peace following Sir and His ways where ever that might lead and how ever He wishes to lead. That being said, I have absolutely no problem being in charge of my life, or at work, or with a stranger … or whatever the situation dictates.

I don’t get stressed or run down or over whelmed. I don’t get to feeling uncomfortable or that I’m losing myself … or that something is missing. I like the energy, I like being in charge and I have no problem taking command of the ship when needed. It doesn’t scare me or exhaust me, it thrills me!

So yes I am His submissive, but I’m not ‘A’ submissive …. I would not be this way with anyone else. I’d likely chew them up, and spit them out ….! lol

So I have been learning a lot from reading and chatting but I certainly can’t say I have found a place that I fit! Besides here with Sir of course.

Not sure why I felt I needed to say that, but if you are following my site it might be important information for you to understand my point of view on things. I know it’s not for everyone but now you know a bit more of why … 😀

Happy Tuesday!

If you like to see what the rest of my day is like you can check me out on nijntje’s Babadook


3 thoughts on “What makes me different, I guess.

  1. Interesting.. this very subject was a point of conversation with my slave last night. It is a subject I was considering for my next blog, Now I am sure I’ll write it. Izrina said many things, but in essence, she wondered if she loved service, more than submission. Its an important consideration. I wonder.. do strong persons such as yourself submit to only one for the pleasure of service? Or is it more complicated?, Perhaps a need to find a comfortable place in the hierarchies of power that surround us? Good stuff.. plenty to ponder..

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    1. The short answer, it’s complicated!

      I don’t find pleasure in service in and of itself and I can’t say that submission was ever a ‘need’ either, not for me anyway.

      I’ll try to explain it simply but I’ll likely write about it in more detail soon.

      I am a naturally dominant person, what I found was Sir’s need for me to be submissive to Him. I brought this to Him in hopes of fulfilling something He was missing and making Him happy. I’m not saying I don’t get anything out of it, quite the contrary, I get much more than I would have ever imagined originally, but it was not the driving force for heading down this path.


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