The Punishment Conundrum

I messed something up today, and I really hate that I did. I have a hard time not doing things perfectly especially if it’s a let down to the Bear! I’ll try to explain ... I was supposed to make an appointment for the Bear today, well try to make an appointment anyway, I’m not … Continue reading The Punishment Conundrum


If you have paid any attention you know by now that I am very much into Imagine Dragons. They speak to me, on many levels and let me know that I am not alone. I believe the music keeps me mindful and sane. This was the very first song that spoke to me and I … Continue reading Demons

Real Submission – Actively and not sexy – ‘Put your money where your mouth is’

My days are usually pretty happy-go-lucky in regards to my submission, my relationship with the Bear in all aspects. We are on the same page with pretty much everything truth be told, there are not usually any disagreements which is good because Lord knows that the rest of life has plenty for us to deal … Continue reading Real Submission – Actively and not sexy – ‘Put your money where your mouth is’

Sometimes …. I can be so confusing.

There are enough new people to the blog that I felt I should post this once more. In the beginning the posts read more like letters to my One and only because that’s why I started this blog in the first place. The paper was starting to stack up and we didn’t want to run the risk of the boys finding them, or anyone else for that matter.
Anyway, it explains just a bit of what The Bear needs to tackle as well, it can’t be easy watching me dominate in the world and then changing His own gears when the door to the outside world closes behind us.
If you are a dominant personality yourself you have an understanding of the type of momentum that carries, where ever you go. I’m not the only one trying to ‘flip the switch’ at the end of the day!

nijntje & The Bear

It does not escape me that I must be a walking, talking conundrum to you. I am likely the furthest thing from submissive you have ever seen male or female. I can only imagine how it is you get your mind around when, and how to treat me like the dominant soul that I am and then the submissive ‘bunny’ that you know.

I’ve never been a follower of the crowd, I make my own way. I don’t rely on others and I am more then capable of doing anything alone, but then you arrive and need to figure out how to lead and control this beast of a bunny! 😀

You are not loud and shouting and don’t try to over power or belittle, but you do make me listen and follow. Perhaps more appropriately, I should say you inspire me to listen and follow. It’s your strength of…

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