The real difference, to me.

I got a text today, well the Bear got a text because I don’t have a cell phone. What and where is going on with my oldest in regards to evening plans, that are up in the air.

I heard the sound, he has his own so we know it’s not ‘junk mail’ and just at the same moment the Bear was going out the door. Before I realized Bear was on His way out I asked, ‘so what’s up’?

I looked around, came out of the kitchen and realized the Bear was in the driveway ….

Before D/s and this new ‘dynamic’ I would have felt the need to go outside, check on the message and make sure all the things needing attention were taken care of …. before I would have felt the need to stop my evening R&R and get back ‘at it’.

Today, …. today I heard the ring, realized the Bear had just stepped out and I turned around and thought, ‘oh well, He’s got it. If He has a question He’ll ask, otherwise, He’s got this …’ *wink*

Before I felt I needed to take care of everything …. now I have a partner!

Our relationship started to change because we had kids I think, I made myself responsible, I became Momma Bear, don’t we all? But the Bear didn’t step up and I didn’t ask … we both made mistakes. We have learned ….

So today, I turned around and walked away …. He’s got this. That’s what’s really changed, that’s what the calm is all about! *grin*


8 thoughts on “The real difference, to me.

      1. I’m not sure what this comment means, I’m not sure if there is some confusion on your part but we are not looking for anyone to add to our relationship. Thank you.


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