I am a 40 something year old married woman and a D/s couple since 2012. We have been married 20+ years and they have all been very wonderful. Sir has always been very kind and mostly attentive … 🙂

The D/s dynamic has allowed us to reconnect on an even deeper level. The honesty in our relationship leaves absolutely nothing to question making us so much closer then ever before. (Not that we would have thought it possible.)

The biggest change for myself has been learning to truly respect and admire my husband/Sir for everything he does. Knowing what pleases Sir allows me to do my best for him. Knowing he has a calm and strong hold over us allows me to be at peace.

As much as I do not subscribe to labels I will say that the closest to my personality type would be the ‘Warrior Princess Submissive” should anyone want a closer look at my point of view.

You can follow My Story from the beginning and see the changes and ways we have made this work. Feel free to ask anything you might be curious about, I will try my best to answer from my own experiences and point of view.


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    1. I can certainly understand that feeling of bliss, but our relationship does not mean I have no responsibility. I actually have a lot of responsibility and make many decisions. For us it does mean that I am not alone and I do have His assistance if and when I need it, I am no longer doing it alone. Not carrying the load on my own is my bliss. 🙂


  1. nooooo – i finally have a day off and am settled with a lovely warm latte .. and it’s password protected

    what is a girl to do …


    1. When you are creating a new post look to the right for ‘status’, it should give you a drop down menu with ‘private’ or ‘password protected’ as options. 😀 Be sure to save before posting to make sure it is set as password. Good Luck! Try it with a regular post first, then you’ll know you have it before putting your info out there … 😉
      You can switch them back and forth also.

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