Note to self

Do not take out a flogger and start to swat at a Bear .... even if He says He's 'stuck' because He's gotten Himself into a compromising position on the bed! A Bear can move very quickly despite His size and He will magically become unstuck!! A variety of cane stripes may be the result … Continue reading Note to self

Performing CPR

Writing things down always helps me to get the words right, get them ready to speak out loud. Writing it down first always allows the Bear a heads up in order to know where i'm coming from should i get a bit off track in person. It works well for us ... We've sat and … Continue reading Performing CPR

‘There must be peace and understanding sometime’ ….

Happy St. Patrick's Day all! I'm not in the mood to talk D/s, or make witty jokes about green leprechauns. I've been listening to a very controversial but intelligent fellow lately and he seems convinced that the key to the worlds problems lies in us. Integrity and responsibility .....  yup, that's it. Fix ourselves and … Continue reading ‘There must be peace and understanding sometime’ ….