Redemption in submission

Forty years old, on my husband's lap. Eyes full of tears and heart racing  ... I finally felt 'it', the it I started packing away at 2 years old. The it I thought I had lost by the time I was 8 or 10. The it I no longer expected. It just kept growing, holding … Continue reading Redemption in submission


Thoughts on a Thursday

I'm not really a 'people person', not truthfully. I'm an introvert and with that comes the need for quiet and solitude. There is only one person I long to be with 24/7, I'll let you figure out who! *chuckle* That said, I do WELL in social situations, I excel at it really. I always seem … Continue reading Thoughts on a Thursday

It’s always been obvious, Sir! *smirk*

Secret Fires Burning Inside Me Unknown Ragging On Never Mentioned Only You Can Uncover The Flames Break Their Silence And Make Them Dance For Us To See Them And Break Their Chains And Give Them Freedom Read more: Gowan - Moonlight Desires Lyrics | MetroLyrics I've always lived through 'my music' LoL I think The … Continue reading It’s always been obvious, Sir! *smirk*