Naughty- and TGIF <3

I've been sending Him naughty pictures again here and there, when i get a chance. I'm still working everyday so there really isn't much by way of opportunity but every so often before or after a shower i get just a few extra minutes, and then ..... We decided last week that the kink and … Continue reading Naughty- and TGIF ❤

Is it Friday yet …. ?

I'm lucky that i can afford to work part time and i'm lucky that the Bear has no problem with that idea, He actually encourages it! Lately however one of my part time commitments has become full time and for a couple of months now i haven't had that break that i enjoy and frankly, … Continue reading Is it Friday yet …. ?

Why (consensual) ‘sex slave’? – My female perspective.

I've been reading and searching this out for a while now and there is a very consistent undercurrent to any of the healthy relationships i have read, including my own. I know there are many other parts to any relationship but this is just one of the small parts with a big effect. You may … Continue reading Why (consensual) ‘sex slave’? – My female perspective.

Communication, learning styles and getting physical!

There is a really stark difference between the way i learn and communicate and the way Bear does. I have learned this over the last 7 years mainly, it's certainly one of the things we got out of starting D/s. Although we've always had a great relationship it never occurred to me before that i … Continue reading Communication, learning styles and getting physical!