I have a Sir, not a Daddy

I have a Sir, not a Daddy but that doesn’t make Him any less kind, or interested in my well-being or any less playful. It doesn’t mean we don’t cuddle and it doesn’t mean that I don’t get to be silly or trusting.

Sir is very ‘squishy’ at times and He likes to tuck me in to bed, one of His favourite non-sexual things I think. I like to look at things in a new and exciting way, every time and He likes to watch my reactions and rejoice in my joy. I can be girlie and playful and sometimes even naive, He likes all of that, that’s the safe place I get in order to allow myself the freedom to just feel, to just be and to not worry.

I don’t however need curfews or reminders to brush my teeth and I certainly don’t need Him to hold my hand and walk me to the ladies room while we’re out.

I am not little and He is not Daddy but that doesn’t mean we are any less caring or close or playful …. it just means I am not childish.

Forget the labels, do what works for you ….

Love You Sir ❤


Calling all readers …..

If you’re standing on the outside and looking in and you have a question or just a curiosity feel free to email me and ask. I will try my best to give you my take on whatever it is!

Sir does not ask for specific posts He just likes to know what’s on my mind but I’m finding that I have less and less to worry about or ask for and more free time with nothing to write about! I will not go into specifics about my sex life but I can explain any of the mechanics if that is your question…. related to menopause, or bruising, or whatever!


(or set up a chat)


Exhausted ….

Good morning and Happy Monday! I did not get the best sleep last night, the youngest was up until 4:30 am and the light in the hall kept me awake, I think! I was kind of asleep but not a deep sleep so I don’t think it really occurred to me what was going on until some hours of the morning.

By this point I had already had many episodes of the same horrible dream, over and over …. side effect of poor sleep I guess. Once I came too well enough to realize the light was likely keeping me from true slumber I also realized that the youngest was still up so I didn’t want to take the chance of walking down to shut it off and being found in my sleep collar, it wasn’t the pretty pink one the boys are used to last night it was the black one with a D ring in the front …. much too obvious.

I didn’t want to wake Sir (He has had poor sleep these last few nights too) and I guess I was kind of hoping he (the youngest) would be up to bed any time … it was already very late as it was. I considered closing my door tight but I knew the cats would soon be picking at it to get in or out ….. that would wake Sir for sure and I still wouldn’t be getting any sleep! My thinking is not exactly that clearest at 3:30/4 am with little to no actual sleep! lol

In any case, I really don’t have much on my mind to post about today …. doing the countdown till the end of the work day! 4 days till holiday, I’m counting that down too!!!

On a side note – After ‘playing’ this weekend I noticed I seem to have ended up with some broken blood vessels in the lighter skin just under my eyes! There wasn’t any real choking or blind folds to cause trauma to that area of my face …. anyone know what might have caused it? Anyone have previous experience with this particular side effect?

I’m thinking perhaps the physical exertion coupled with perhaps dehydration? It was a pretty intense time 😀 I certainly needed a tall drink of water afterwards ….  I don’t mind some marks from playing but looking like I got punched in the face is NOT the look I was going for!

Love You Sir ❤


Some days …..

Some days I just don’t like the way I look or how I feel. I’m not sure if it’s part of the chemicals of menopause, changing my body, making me feel awkward and making me think I look fat. I know it normally happens close to my cycle so I’m guessing it’s partially that and partially hormonal.

What ever it is seems to make me nit pick and be unhappy with just about every single bit of myself ….

I try to look at myself realistically and not stress the small stuff but some days it just seems to get away from me, just lingering in the back of my mind. Not anything overwhelming or unbearable, just annoying!

Today happens to be one of those days and it’s worse because I know I haven’t been able to do the basic exercises that I’m used to for some time now. Not on a regular basis anyway, so I was already fighting off some body image issues.

Looking at myself through Sir’s eyes always helps to ease the doubtful monster that lies within. I’m glad you have decided to start ‘using me’ for your pleasure when you see fit Sir! It only shows me that I am desirable and I do look good!

I know the outwardly appearance is that I am serving you, but this submissive thing has a lot of self-serving qualities too! 😉

Who says you can’t have it all!

Love You Sir ❤

Oh Wow!

These are the words I find going through my head more and more each day! Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming … okay well, YOU are the one doing the naughty pinching! 😛 LOL

I’ll admit that I will follow you anywhere Sir but I can’t deny that I am REALLY enjoying your current direction!

TGIF Sir!! One excited bunny …. ! 😀 Oh yeah, and more please?!?! LOL (I think you have created a bunny monster Sir!)

Love You Always ❤



Humm, what to write …

I’m not really sure there is much on my mind lately that needs to be put into a post. I have ideas and suggestions I guess for anyone looking for information on what we do and how we live and interact but I personally don’t have anything I need addressed Sir.

Ever since menopause I’ve been nothing but a ‘horny teenager’ so I could always say ‘more please’! LOL But that’s not really worthy of a post or discussion is it? Short of retirement (and an empty nest) the only thing we can do more of right now is waiting!! UGH!

I am eagerly waiting for the weekend as usual and hoping my body co-operates. I am getting a bit squirrely but that happens every time I get close to my cycle so no surprise there either! I think I get more focused on how much we play this week because I have this looming feeling that we won’t be able to do whatever we want soon, so that sometimes makes me have to fight the grumpies. A good spanking always cures that …..

I have noticed how much DOM has become a part of you in every situation and every minute no matter where we find ourselves. That is even more satisfying then I would have thought. I hadn’t realized just how being so strong for so long was really and truly exhausting me …..

Love You Sir Always ❤

Words of the Day

Acousticophilia: A fetish involving sounds. This can include such things as being aroused by music or a partner’s moaning.

I definitely get turned on by music, I always have. Although I like to hear Sir talking to me and telling me things, or telling me naughty things (that is a turn on) …. I don’t get turned on by moaning ….. but I think I know someone who does!! 😛

I get turned on by the sounds of a belt cracking or the sound of a door closing behind me, especially if I’m kneeling and waiting. I don’t mean just excited, I mean aroused by these things. And of course the sound of chains …..

The strangest one I would have to say for me is the sound the tablet used to make when a text came through from Sir. I could hear it on any one of the three floors in the house and it always turned me on …. Makes for an interesting outing if someone else happens to have the tone on their phone!! lol

Algolagnia: A fetish for pain.

Ummm ….. LOL I don’t really think I need to go over that again do I?

Love You Sir ❤



Wonderful weekend … Happy Monday Sir

It’s Monday again as it always must be and I’m getting busier and busier through my days! I find it hard to sit and write what’s on my mind and by the end of the day I’m afraid some of it has left me!

I wake with these ideas of things I want to say and things I want to acknowledge and by the time I get a chance to sit down and type most of my thoughts are mere shadows of what they once were ….

the words on your pale lips by Princess-of-Shadows

So I sit and try to explain how your attention and care this past weekend has affected me, how even though we were very busy and very much not alone you managed to make me feel wanted and that I was still very much on your mind.

All the little liberties that you took only reinforced the fact that you were thinking about me and wanted to be near me …. and only a few short years ago you would have thought them crossing a line or bothersome to me.

You took a long day that could have been filled with broken expectations and frustration and turned it to a very treasured and heart filled adventure! 😉

The day was a whirlwind of flying by the seat of your pants and surprise responsibilities to me; in most households I supposed that might have caused stress and maybe even anger …. I must admit I felt none of that. I felt proud to be able to do for you, and I could tell you were proud of me too!

There were so many more words this morning Sir ……

Love You Always ❤