I have a Sir, not a Daddy

I have a Sir, not a Daddy but that doesn't make Him any less kind, or interested in my well-being or any less playful. It doesn't mean we don't cuddle and it doesn't mean that I don't get to be silly or trusting. Sir is very 'squishy' at times and He likes to tuck me … Continue reading I have a Sir, not a Daddy


Calling all readers …..

If you're standing on the outside and looking in and you have a question or just a curiosity feel free to email me and ask. I will try my best to give you my take on whatever it is! Sir does not ask for specific posts He just likes to know what's on my mind … Continue reading Calling all readers …..

Sir has found a new kink that He enjoys …

I'm Excited ~┬áNervous ~┬áHorny Sort of anxious ~┬áSurprised ~┬áTotally feeling submissive I know I'm His and I know I want this, I feel better this way, .... but He doesn't often come straight out and say 'I want this!' No question ~ No discussion Statement ~ Fact ~ HOT!!! (everything consensual of course) Wow!! Love … Continue reading Sir has found a new kink that He enjoys …