Like the phoenix, rising from the ashes …..

The more 'His' I become, the more of me gets out ...... I feel more and more myself all the time, more free, more alive, more the rebel ..... The bruises I wear today are of my choosing ..... *grin* Happy Sunday! ❤


Inspiration I heard this some time ago and I find it eerily comforting. I think it explains the what, 'silence', and the how to escape it. I think in one manner or another this is what we all feel when we don't feel connected. I will be back to this, there are many, many words … Continue reading Inspiration

Let’s get this straight. *personal rant*

If you are a self-righteous, sanctimonious j@ckAss who runs around constantly stating or insinuating that 'nilla is not as good as you, as connected as you, as deep in meaning as you because you practice your version of BDSM than I will call you out on it, I will stand my ground and I will … Continue reading Let’s get this straight. *personal rant*