A good day to be me …

The rain has finally let up, for now. The gardens need tending and flowers need buying and planting.

The morning started off a bit slow, i’m still fighting this cold and night time coughing fits are making it hard to sleep. We had breakfast and then kind of vegged on the couch a bit in between laundry. Eventually got up the energy for a shower and off we went.

A trip to the nursery for the first few signs of colour. We picked up a few hanging pots ready to pretty up the driveway and a few plants to go in the ground. I think this year i’m going to try and grow a few veggies again, last year was a bit of a bust!

Bear decided to surprise me with lunch out. A place we go to from time to time and lunch always fills me up for the day and evening! A few veggies to snack on tonight and we will call it a day! *giggle*

Just getting ready to head out with the dogs, walk off some of those extras from lunch time …. i’m still a bit tired and not at 100% so it might not be too long a walk but i’ll try. Maybe when we get back i’ll get those plants in the ground.

I like my garden, it makes me smile. Bear likes my smile.

For most hours of the day my D/s life isn’t much different than anyone else’s.

I have been making myself known lately and He has been responding in kind. The flow of energy is back where we like it.

It’s a good day to be me …. *wink*

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