Stolen moments

When life gets busy sometimes all you have is a few minutes in time before you need to be back at doing whatever it is life throws your way.

A few moments in time is sometimes all you need ….

This morning, before the kids wake and chores need doing we sat and had our coffee together. Him on the couch, me on the floor in front.

Seemingly out of no where He decided He wanted a different view. So this morning, for a few moments in time, He posed me for His pleasure while He drank His coffee and admired the view.

A few touches, a few strokes on my skin ….

Now He’s off doing the things that like to swell up around us but He’s still with me and i’m still with Him!

A few moments in time can be all it takes ….. if you let it! ❤

Happy Sunday 🙂

8 thoughts on “Stolen moments

    1. Something about it seems to wipe away all other thoughts and the relaxation (mental) can begin, for me! Combined with bondage is even better *wink* but it really can be a simple and quick as this!

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