New Chapter – New perspective

I’ve been talking to someone recently, getting an outside perspective and in turn having to put some things down in black and white of my own.

I think some things are becoming clear that are hard to describe but very much on point when it comes to our relationship, our D/s, M/s or in this case R/l …. lol 😉

I’m going to start doing things more ‘natural’ and ‘primal’ and much less scripted or contracted as is the seemingly accepted method. I’m not saying that it doesn’t have it’s validity but after 20+ years you really can’t back track and pretend you don’t know the other person, and in some instances better than they know themselves.

Image result for howling wolf

I have a feeling this might be the missing puzzle piece … I’m going to start working on instinct because I have a feeling it’s going to give us both the highest form of connection.

I am a leader and trying to suppress that is unnatural, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to Rule, while I continue to lead. Some of us are just wild at heart, it doesn’t mean we don’t respect the hierarchy, it just means we have our own way of doing things.

I never have ‘fit in’ and I didn’t even realize I was trying too. We are 90% of the way there, I think the elusive 10% is here sometimes when we are not thinking but acting instinctively instead and missing when we are trying to turn this energy into something we have read or been told.

A Ruler relies on His ‘first hand’ to keep things flowing and working, and you rely on me for that too! I don’t really think you want to rule over someone who is not strong, because when I try to hide my strength your domination seems to wane.

You have picked the things you want to manage and I think you have picked the things you want me to manage and wait for instructions on …. our relationship is more instinct driven, it’s more animalistic, more raw and less about words and appearances.

That’s my thinking and that’s what I would like to work on maintaining. See, I make choices and I make plans …. and now I wait on the Ruler of my wilderness to give me the go ahead. No less submissive to Him, just different maybe.

I started this blog in this tone, I’m not sure what happened exactly but if I get permission it will be going back that way … maybe with a few more details of how and what I do and did. Still no graphic content or letting you into my sex life! Sorry, still private and only for One!

I think I might be able to sleep now! Night all, Happy Friday Evening !!! 😀



6 thoughts on “New Chapter – New perspective

  1. I really like this. Do what comes natural to you both. Not what someone else tells you is right. And you are right on who the ruler wants to conquer. A good ruler does not go for the weak.

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