Today, during my exploring i read some words of wisdom.

If you want to submit, submit ……… if you don’t want to, than don’t!

The basic gist of it was don’t make the other person responsible for ‘making’ you do it with punishments and repercussions, etc.

In the end we are all responsible for our own lives, our dynamics and for the authenticity we feel within those.


So ….. if you want to, do …. and if you don’t ….

The choice is yours and yours alone.


3 thoughts on “Wisdom

    1. They are wise, it was refreshing to read honestly. So many people think that the key to a happy life is with something, or someone else. It’s not, it’s all about us and what we want to do, and how. 🙂

      Happy Monday to you as well my friend.
      Sorry for the delay, you got caught in spam for some reason?? That’s WP … 😉

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