I don’t always like His decision.

It’s funny, sometimes the way things work out.

I’m a thinker, I always have been, my mind doesn’t stop for a minute normally, it’s how I’m built. Most people will tell you the same thing but it’s not the same. It’s even more than the ‘normal’ over thinker.

My oldest son shares this with me, he also likes to research these things, i think he is trying to understand himself … there is a name for it, it’s in about less than 2% of the population.

The point, I’m always thinking, i always have a plan, the answer, the way of doing things, all figured out in advance of even being able to speak the ‘issue’.

So when He’s in charge, He doesn’t always do things or decide things in the way that I have already figured out! *wink*

Most often things are discussed and decisions are come to together because being the dominant doesn’t mean being the only one who weighs in on what’s needed or appropriate. We might be in a power exchange relationship but we are partners in life. This type of relationship doesn’t absolve me of all life responsibility. Anyway ….

Sometimes, like earlier this week, the decision really is all on Him. It doesn’t happen as much as what you out there might think. Not on the big things, the things that really affect our family or our dynamic, because let’s face it, i’m part of that too. But sometimes the decision really is unilateral …. and when it’s not what i thought of it does catch me off guard.

So, sometimes i don’t like the decision He has come to, even for just a moment – but there is always a feeling of relief and an almost obvious weight that gets lifted off my shoulders.

…. and just for a moment, my mind slows down ….. 

Why do i let Him lead even when i don’t always like the answer? Because it feels good, because it gives me space to breathe. 

7 thoughts on “I don’t always like His decision.

  1. Oh, l like how you said that it gives you the space to breathe…… Sometimes I question why I want him to lead and make final decisions, etc, when I have a decent head on my shoulders and I am fully capable of making most decisions myself. I honestly don’t have the answer to that yet, but “because it gives me the space to breathe and it makes me feel good” resonates with me. Thank you for sharing. Windy

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    1. I wrote something similar some time ago about being capable of living life and making decisions by myself and the crux was just that, ‘by myself’! 😉 I think many a woman puts herself in a position where we take on everything and become responsible for everything and then we end up isolating ourselves, even from our husbands. For me letting Him lead is basically letting Him back ‘in’ …. if i wanted to be alone i wouldn’t have gotten married, so why not let Him in?? LoL
      Sorry for taking you on a ride through my thoughts 😛 and i’m glad some of that resonated with you! 🙂

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