Do you remember when I said I was feeling stifled? That I had been for some time?

Well, I took a bit of time and did a bit of thinking and decided that I needed to be true to myself and true to the reason for being ‘here’ in the first place.

After that revaluation I had a short back and forth with a fellow blogger and it brought out the previous post. I know I don’t often use the acronym or talk specifically about sex and orgasms but it is all part of the genre and reason for this blog.

I have also been wanting to do a bit of a review on some sex toys that we have had since the spring, but again my own worry was stopping me over this person or people.

Ironically this same person seems to think I’m the problem. My BDSM and sex blog was something I have thought on from time to time. It’s something I have actually written about and touched on from time to time. It has nothing to do with shocking or bothering anyone. If you read this blog I presume you know that I do practice BDSM, I am a masochist and I do have sex.

If any of those things bother you than you might consider ‘unfollowing’ now before I become a bother to YOU as well.

I don’t discuss details of my sex life, I don’t give pictures and I don’t write erotica BUT I do discuss sex, orgasms, toys and BDSM in an adult fashion. If that is not what you want to hear from time to time than please, feel free to skip those blog posts, they will be clearly marked.

I know I have many people from many walks of life following me here and I do my best not to write anything strictly for the sake of shocking or insulting anyone. That said, this is an adult blog of a sexual nature at times and sometimes more specific with regards to BDSM as well.

Thank you!

For everyone who commented on the last blog, thank you!! I will get back to you I promise! I’m just still trying to wrap my head around this one.


16 thoughts on “Irony

  1. When I read a blog I am like every other person and a picture of you forms in my mind. Not who you are or how you feel or act, just an actual photograph and I know it is nothing like how you look it is just easy to put a picture in my mind.

    When you write something I do ‘see’ a little bit of who you are and I like that but I also know it is just a tiny piece of you, like the full stop at the end of a good novel. I have no expectations you need to fulfil in me. I accept what you show the world and I love it.

    There are no expectations to show more or less just grateful acceptance of what you choose to share with everyone on here.

    I am not sure if you realize how different your blog is. You have a way of writing that draws people to you. You have such a great sense of humour and a lightness of touch on a subject you pull people into each post you write. So please don’t change a thing.

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    1. Awe, thank you, Kitten! You do know how to make a bunny feel loved! *grin* I appreciate your words more than you know.

      I enjoy writing, quite a bit more than I thought I would. I was never told i was very good as a kid/teen so I basically gave it up. This is all the Bear’s doing BTW, we can all blame Him! *giggle*

      I’m glad most of the posts come across in a humorous, lighthearted manner because that’s how I prefer to live my life. There is a lot more of me on these pages than I ever thought I’d let out, surprisingly. I believe you have found the same with yours! *wink*


    1. Thank you, Kis! I’m a bit befuddled but I think I’ll be fine. No, I know I’ll be fine. I just need a bit of time to let the entire idea register I guess. You folks and your comments always help! Bunny power! *wink*

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  2. Dirty, dirty rabbit, I’m shocked! After always assuming the boys were adopted we now all know you do the dirty, dirty thing. You just wait until I tell a certain Bear about this.

    Ya’ know, he might just give you a spanking for it.

    (One can always hope right?)

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  3. Lil’Rabbit, you know I adore you, your thoughts and your writing. While I am obviously aware of the fact that you are a masochist, in the lifestyle and have sex…that isn’t why I read your thoughts. One of the things that has always brought me back to your blog is the realness that you bring. I’ve often felt envious at your ease of sharing details of your life, because I’m such a closed, private person. So, keep being you and doing your thing.

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    1. Thank you, Cookie Monster, that really means a lot! I write like I think, like I speak, it really isn’t any more than that! If it can bring enjoyment and maybe a bit of understanding than I’m one happy bunny! *smiles*

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