Have you found that you make exceptions to things that you would otherwise find unacceptable in order to maintain your D/s connection? Especially when it comes to couples with kids in the house.

For example, I am completely against having a television in the bedroom. Or in the living room, or dining room or kitchen for that matter. To me, a TV set belongs in the family room only, all the other places should require that your attention is either on what you are doing or who you are with.

It’s a personal preference and unfortunately cell phones have made that idea harder to maintain. (Holiday dinners seem less about family and more about youtube, but I digress.)

With the beginning of this new experience and especially the sexy parts of the dynamic, I acquiesced and we put a television in the bedroom! What!?!? *chuckle*

When in a frisky mood and it’s not yet bed time but you want to add some spice to the end of the evening you might consider certain levels of undress or perhaps accessories with which to relax and finish off your evening. (At least the start of it. *wink*) This is not something you can do in the family room when you have children walking about the house.

Weighing the pros and cons, we decided that perhaps a tv in the bedroom wasn’t such a crime after all! At least until the house becomes our own again, whenever that might be.

So how about you all, have you found yourself making exceptions to things you otherwise hold dear to try to accommodate your dynamic while sharing a house with kids, or others I suppose?

This wonder of writing brought to you because I just changed my bedroom around, well the Bear did! The tv set was a big part of figuring out where to put the bed and keep it comfortable for watching, and the chair etc. It never would have been an issue if we were ‘alone’ in the house more often.

Thank you for your work, Bear! ❤ I love you.

6 thoughts on “Exceptions

    1. The living room is a formal sitting space (to me) where the family room is more casual. My living room is off of the dining room and both are more formal in feel and setup. The family room has the couch and comfy chair where the living room has wing chairs and such. again, to me … 🙂


      1. Well, the living room is usually used for company, maybe after dinner, a glass of wine etc. We use ours all the time but we also use our dining room everyday and I don’t have a kitchen table or anything like that. I don’t think that happens very often these days. I know my realtor was quite taken aback that a dining room was a must for us! LoL

        The family room is for relaxing with the kids, putting on your comfy clothes and just hanging out. Cell phones, tablets and tv are all things that I would expect people to be doing there. I would not consider that rude, it’s a casual place to chill! 😉


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