Performing CPR

Writing things down always helps me to get the words right, get them ready to speak out loud. Writing it down first always allows the Bear a heads up in order to know where i’m coming from should i get a bit off track in person. It works well for us …

We’ve sat and talked some things through and found that we are both missing some thing from this type of connection that we can’t get any other way. We are both feeling a bit lost and out of sorts when we don’t get it. No surprise there!

We’ve decided that even though we can’t get just what we need right now we are going to try to engage a bit more in other forms of BDSM play, even if it is just a few minutes stolen in the middle of a hectic day. And i do mean minutes ….

The issue with this is of course that i/we have no time to settle into a mindset before playing. So far over the weekend it has worked out well. Triggers are being used and recognized and we’re just going with the flow as they say. We are actively recognizing the mental blocks that get in the way of action and we are breaking through them the best we can.

It’s not perfect and it is still no where close to the fantasy play time that we have experienced before but at least it’s something. Is it going to make the wait better? Or is it going to make it worse by bringing the longing to the forefront? I guess we will find out soon enough.

All we know for certain is that doing nothing and ignoring our need is NOT working so well.

The cane and other toys are a poor substitute for the feel of His hands on my skin but it’s quieter and at least offers some relief. The energy in the house and with each other has already shifted back to where it should be.

He can use His hands for quiet things *wink* and we will keep to the less noisy toys for the impact. Hopefully it will be enough until we can manage to just slip away and into the fantasy for a while.

Just another learning curve in the journey …. imagination and determination, i have no shortage of those. No worries!!! *smirk*

5 thoughts on “Performing CPR

    1. Yes i think the most frustrating is that it has cycled back. I had this crazy idea that once the kids got big we would be able to have more private time! WTF was i thinking???? LoL

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