Note to self

Do not take out a flogger and start to swat at a Bear …. even if He says He’s ‘stuck’ because He’s gotten Himself into a compromising position on the bed!


A Bear can move very quickly despite His size and He will magically become unstuck!!

A variety of cane stripes may be the result once you are caught!?!?!?

Even a cute grin and a bunch of giggles won’t change His mind, no matter how much you say you didn’t mean it …… *raspberries*

Or …. perhaps ‘do’ ….. *wink*

13 thoughts on “Note to self

  1. Lol….oh wabbit. I thought you might have learned by now not to tease the Bear. Though I suppose this was ‘bound’ to happen eventually.

    Thanks for the morning giggle at your expense. *raspberries*

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