Why rules …. in pain … rambling ….

Just a jumbled mess of thoughts today, and hurried at that!

I’ve been working out again like was the plan, I’m feeling great mentally …. I even tried ‘testing’ His resolve of the rule! Eeep!  Hey, i might be a bunny but i’m part human too, what can i say!?!?! LoL

It was a holiday long weekend so my thoughts were that it counts as a ‘weekend’ so no workout required. He didn’t agree *raspberries*, said i was welcome to test ‘my’ theory if i liked and then started to list off possible repercussions for said action, or in this case inaction! …. EVIL …..

I am noticing my knees and wrists are acting up all the time … UGH It could be coincidence OR it could be because of the extra physical activity. I’m NOT interested in stopping so I’m currently trying ice after the workouts to see if it makes a difference. Cross your fingers and wish me luck, please!!!

Working out isn’t just good for your physical health it works wonders for your mental health as well. I haven’t actually changed much physically i’m sure, not since a few weeks ago but there haven’t been any negative comments from me since starting! Not out loud, not in my head and no scrunchy noses when i catch myself in the mirror either.

I haven’t had thoughts of ‘starving myself’ to get what i want either. Anorexia and i go way back ….. she can stay in the past as far as i’m concerned!!

So no, I don’t want to have to stop again.

I like this rule, i like that He’s sticking to it … even when i do get a bit testy …. i like that He’s got my back!

Ayway, done with ice on knees, time to do the wrists, kind of hard to type that way!! 😛 Then shower and work!



12 thoughts on “Why rules …. in pain … rambling ….

  1. Keep up the good work nijntje. Got to keep those muscles strong to support those joints. The mental health gains from working out are a great plus also. Good girl.☺

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  2. A little ice isn’t so bad I just got back from botox treatments for my migraine where I let a nice man stab me 42 times in the head and neck and forehead with a needle, but hey not a wrinkle to be found any where above the neck and after I recover in about four days no pain for three months

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  3. What is your workout routine? Can you change it for a while? Some routines are harder on joints then others. It could be that if you ease back into activity with other activities your regular routine will be easier on your joints later. If you are experiencing that much pain during a workout, you could be injuring yourself.
    I was into body building for a couple years, and could probably refer you to some resources.
    Hope I’m not sounding too lecture-y. Just a thought.

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    1. Not lecture-y at all, no worries! My current routine is considerably less than anything I was doing before specifically to keep all impact off of my joints. That said all tests show that my joints are actually fine, no injury or deterioration, not that they have found anyway. *shrug*

      I have a chronic condition and the only instruction I have been given really is ‘don’t do anything’ …. well, that doesn’t work for me. The list so far consists of Fibro, connective tissue disorder (which appears to be very widely misunderstood) and raynaud’s. All of these things are auto-immune but my tests come back 100% neg. which in itself is very very odd!

      I’m a conundrum at best, but I do have plenty of experience and knowledge when it comes to personal fitness and biology so i do have at least that!

      Thank you for your willingness however, i may pick your brain on some things later on…. if you don’t mind.


      1. I would love that! My mom has fibro. I’ve had knee pain for years, but no real diagnosis. I have up jogging because of it. My knees just hyper extend, nothing so serious. Good luck!

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  4. This is good to have someone that has your back and keeps the motivation going. Pushing through the pain is necessary, but we do want to listen to our bodies. Bodies never lie, it’s the mind that whines to us and gets wishy washy. Not the body. Listen to your body. I suspect your mind is highly evolved and so if you are experiencing a kind of pain that is chronic versus acute due to exercise and other challenges that are not going away, then talk this out and find a great middle ground to navigate through on to the other side. You and Bear are superstars but everyone needs a little adaptation when things change in our tolerance levels. Ice is your friend and so is heat when applied at the the right time and place. You knew that too, so stick to it.

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    1. Thank you, I will. I am being careful and Bear would have my hide if i wasn’t! *chuckle*

      I’ve linked a post to a more detailed one explaining the what and how of it all. I have seen doctors and specialists and i’m now trying to find a new doc because mine retired! Perfect timing!! LoL

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      1. Not many people know that bunnies are smart, powerful, and agile. Quite determined too. You will be fine because you will do what is right for yourself, Bear, and the cubs. 🌞✨

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