Yup, quiet is best.

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where it’s time to do something, something you had helped plan out and agreed to. Something that you knew was for the best, something you needed and wanted but ….. right now, well right now you just don’t feel like it.

So you drag your feet and you make faces and you pout. You manage to get far enough to at least start things …. with His strength and consistency, you go.

You get there but it’s still not quite right, not in your head, not with your spirit. So now what?

Well there are words, most certainly those are important and those work! Never forget your words.

But right now however … in a compromising position, waiting for the ritual to change over from day to evening and your head’s just not in it. It shows in your movements, he sees it no doubt.

He touches, you move. He touches again, you move again, closer more obvious ….

It’s like He reads your mind, no words just feelings and actions ….

***** ***** *****

I did this today, we did this today. Sometimes the mind isn’t following what the heart wants, so we adapt.

I swear He reads me like a book … well, not a book, that wouldn’t work! LoL

He reads me like a dancer reads His partner. I move, He sees and compensates.

I needed more, I got more. No words …. just moved.

He saw me and brought me back to what i needed, back to Him. No words were spoken and I can bet you that if they had been things would have been confused and my thoughts would be much different from what they are right now.

I trusted Him with what i have already given, i leaned into my submission and waited for Him to take care of me.

He did.

***** *****

I think when you live in a 24/7/365 situation there are going to be times when one partner is more ready than the other. We don’t have time to prepare for our ‘date’.



7 thoughts on “Yup, quiet is best.

  1. I love the power of not speaking. Sometimes, I think words just muddle things. They can take something that is a ‘maybe’ and fill it full of intensity. It’s nice to have a Master who gets that, and can guide you through.

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  2. Some of S.’s and my conversations don’t contain words at all. Like you say it is like a dance and it is powerful. Words can be like a caress or an arrow and can’t be taken back but wordless actions are far more forgiving. It is my favourite form of communication.<3 ❤ ❤

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  3. I think the highest form of communication is in the subliminal, the subtle gesture and correct response. This ‘knowing’ of one’s partner with a finely tuned intuition is a type of harmony that is rare and beautiful.

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