testing out a rule, or idea …

I’m not sure if anyone else does this or if it’s just me. I’m a bit of an oddball, I know and I’m quite happy about it so I guess this post is just me thinking out loud.

Aren’t you all lucky!!! *chuckle* Anywho ….

I’ve not done this before, well not exactly like this although similar things have happened but ….  I had an idea about a rule that we might incorporate. A rule that could only be followed when we are alone but a rule none the less.

I didn’t talk to the Bear about it (or hadn’t when I started practicing it, I have now) because He wasn’t home yet but I wanted to try it on for size. I wanted to see how it worked, logistically, and how it felt, physically and mentally, to have to follow through.

I also wanted to surprise Him with it as to get a real, honest response. You know, a gut reaction sort of thing. Give Him something to now think on and decide what if anything He would like to do about it. Give Him ideas.

(Although I really should know better! The Bear is always saying ‘Bunny talks too much!’ *raspberries* )

This isn’t a brand new idea, it’s something we have read about and something He did use as a rule for one specific outing but …. it would be new in this circumstance.

I wasn’t sure so I wanted to test it out. It’s nothing that breaks any rules or is in violation of the spirit of anything we have agreed upon so I thought, why not???

If I found it to be more detrimental than mindful I would soon figure that out. If He found it not to His liking we would soon figure that out. If it was good for me and indifferent for Him than He might decide on it for my benefit and vice versa.

The jury is currently out …..

To me this is just one more method of stoking the fire, active submission if you will. Thoughts?

11 thoughts on “testing out a rule, or idea …

  1. I encourage that “active submission”, doing it creatively more so. Doesn’t everyone desire an active dominant? Sometimes they need a spark too!


    1. Agreed! If it doesn’t break any rules, or spirit of rules, and it’s done in good faith than it’s still in keeping with being submissive, even if it is active. No??


      1. Of course, absolutely. BDSM isn’t practiced in a vacuum, ideas come from everywhere and there’s little (or nothing) wrong with testing out a theory before implementing it into the relationship.

        Though I am curious as to how this incorporates into your ‘no rules’ thing that you and your Bear had been working on. Was there some sort of epiphany or change since you both decided on that path a while ago?


      2. Good question!

        I don’t really write the day to day changes on here and I guess that can be quite misleading. Truthfully, many of my ‘rules’ are not kinky and therefor I haven’t felt an overwhelming need to post about them. Or more accurately, an overwhelming audience. Anywho.

        “No rules” was the same as hitting the reset button, if you will. Some rules, although few stayed the same, most of the kinky rules went buh bye!

        The things that actually mattered were not changed, the things that were for fun but not needs, those changed.

        So there is still no disrespect, no name calling or yelling (not that I would ever) telling of thoughts and feelings is required, and no hurting myself by over doing, trying, or working … UGH The hardest one to deal with!!!

        So we have rules that I guess I figured were boring … the kinky ones are now, mostly, gone … LoL

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  2. I ask HD in advance. Before we try out new rules or protocols I like to know what he thinks about it and if he thinks it’s something viable for us. When it comes to rules, he likes to devise them and tell me later, with the provision that we can tailor them as needed, if needed.

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    1. I agree! It most definitely has to do with what He thinks but I think we have gotten to the point that I know what He thinks and at the end of the day we are both tired and worn. If I can come up with something exciting and fresh than maybe it’s worth a try. Like I said it breaks no rules and it really is a bit mindful but mostly kinky fun.
      Maybe I should just post the ‘rule’ to put it in perspective!

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