The rule!

It has occurred to me that perhaps my attempt at simple thinking out loud has brought many ideas and worries to the forefront!

To that I say Yipee! Well not for the worries but ideas and thought, yes!

Anywho, I have asked the Bear and He said for the sake of understanding I could write the ‘rule’ we are thinking on!

Now if you are a movie watcher this may seem familiar! LoL I myself found this movie from a blogger I follow and admit we just couldn’t make it through, not our thing but anyway this idea stuck!

When no one is about, and when opportunity strikes, I am to bare my bottom before I sit onto whatever I am sitting on.

When He came home he found me sitting with my dress up and bottom out. So far it has been a good idea, we are working on the logistics. I’m not always wearing a dress, what do we do then?

That is all, not a mind shattering or ground breaking rule … just a bit of mindfulness and a bit of fun, especially on leather and in the car in the heat! OUCH! LoL

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