Most submissive …

I’ve always been a strong, sensible person. I have always been too stubborn to give in or give up.

I’ve known my own strength, both in good and bad, for some time now.

I am not weak, I am not meek, and I am not mild! LoL

Do you know when I feel my submission most?

It’s not when I’m vulnerable and needy.  Those are not really qualities I dwell in, not much and not often. It’s true because the things I say and do with Him come from a place of strength, not worry and fear and even vulnerability.

Like a wolf on my back showing my neck to Him, I am not in fear, I am in strength and security for I hold no doubts. I have complete trust and for me at least, that has no place for fear.

The time I feel my submission the most is when I look around and say to myself:

‘I could, but I choose not to, I choose to follow’.


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