Still on ice!

I wasn’t going to post this here but since it is an area where normal life and D/s cross I thought that perhaps I should let you see the what and hows.

I remember in the beginning trying to figure out how people came up with rules and why some seemed so strange to me or even unfair at times. The thing is that without all the information you really don’t know the truth.

Outside of your basic kinky rules about orgasms, play etc. everything else I found said you needed to get to know your submissive and what their needs were before you made up rules. Those rules should make sense and be valid in order to be important and followed.

And that’s where it was left! *chuckle* Well how do you go about finding something that is rule worthy? I would say if it’s needed for the health and well-being of your submissive than it is rule worthy.

You know the hidden need I wrote about but if you would like a deeper understanding you can find the what and how here.

As always, no matter what you do it must be consensual.

***** To all of you who have offered support and concern, this might help clear up a few things too. Thank you for all your helpful encouragement, it makes the world a better place to know others are out there who care!  ❤



2 thoughts on “Still on ice!

  1. I agree completely, I never really ‘got’ rules when they were just rudimentary for the sake of it ones, but those that are for the benefit of self and each other are the ones that truly matter. X

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    1. Well, I think the type of rule depends on the person and need. I have found that some people enjoy/crave rudimentary rules to further experience and express their dynamic. But that would be an example of looking further to see the real reason, wouldn’t it! LoL
      What i’m saying is that you really just don’t know, until you know.
      On a basic level however, I agree, if the submissive doesn’t have the need or desire to simply be ‘ruled’ than rules that make sense in a necessary way would be my idea of beneficial.
      Sorry for getting back so late, Kis, my pc got fried ….. just got it back today! 🙂

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