Too good? I don’t want to be a brat to be dominated …

This could be an interesting post – some out there might think I shouldn’t be saying these things, some might think oh good I’m not the only who needs to say this and some might think I’m all together too liberal or spoiled for a submissive. At the end of the day the only true requirement is that I tell Sir my needs and Sir decides what to do with them, this blog IS me speaking freely so here goes ….

There is not much in our daily lives that requires you to correct me or manage me. I tend to take care of everything right, the first time and I already know what you like and don’t like, we’ve been at this a long time! I’m not rude or disrespectful and I have always done for you first, it’s very natural to me and really requires no soul searching or in depth thought so …. the only real obvious time I get to be submissive is during play.

I feel that when we first started playing at this game of BDSM you were trying much harder and more interested in playing and learning. Now however it feels like things are becoming much more one sided. This might be a bit confusing because as the dominant of course you have the right to use me as you see fit, whenever that might be and for just however you would like, and I LOVE that part! Really I do, as long as all the other things we talked about and agreed to are also being done.

Although the sexual encounters are all very much DOM/sub the kinky parts seem to be less and less all the time and the quickie or at least just sex part seems to be happening more and more.  I think it’s wonderful that you find yourself very much attracted to me and very much in a hurry to ‘get it on’ 😉 but I do feel like the other part of ‘wining and dining’ BDSM style is becoming more absent from my play. The dominant also needs to practice patience and self control and if you don’t mind my saying so Sir I believe you are letting life and your ‘need’ get in the way of fulfilling all of mine at this time.

Of course I know that there have been a lot of logistical reasons why play has been harder to come by, with the weather keeping us indoors and the kids always home etc etc … but I do think that part of that is also a bit of idleness on your part. We have a variety of toys, bondage and impact instruments from very loud ones to much more quiet ones. I honestly feel that just a bit of thinking on your part would provide many opportunities that are at this time being wasted. (The past couple weeks excluded due to illness.)

I’m feeling a lot of attention and love and caring. I’m getting a lot of your time and acceptance, but what I’m not feeling at this moment is dominated and a total lack of control. 

I’m not about to try and manipulate you with BJ’s or sex and I’m not about to act bratty or pull back on my submission, but I am going to communicate to you my current state of mind and I trust that you will do with this information whatever you feel is needed.

Love You Lots and Always Sir ❤  (just missing some brain vacation time)

4 thoughts on “Too good? I don’t want to be a brat to be dominated …

  1. What a beautiful and eloquent way to ask Nijnte. I always find it’s a difficult balance between making sure my Queen knows that I would like something and overstepping into what she considers naughty. I actually had a conversation today where she reassured me that she knew what I wanted… and it was such a relief because I then didn’t have to worry… Of course, one then needs to wait patiently for one’s Dom… 😉

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    1. Ah yes, patience! 😀 Our view is that in order for Sir to lead properly He needs ALL the information, good, bad or however you view it. What to do with it of course is up to Him! Thanks for commenting …


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