Absolute Loss of Control

I find that BDSM eases my mind like nothing else can … the only ‘quiet’ I ever have; my brain travels at a hundred miles a minute and always deep provoking thoughts.  

The more restrained and helpless I feel the more calm and quiet my mind becomes. The heavier we play with impact the more relaxed and at ease my body becomes. Perhaps the opposite of what you would expect, but it’s the truth of why we play.

It helps with muscle aches and pains that I just can’t seem to be free of any other way. Pain medications, chiropractors, they all have their place but the mental stress and how it takes hold of my body is far greater then anything else. The ‘power of the mind’ they say, well it certainly is powerful in my case.

 My headaches and migraines have almost disappeared, the mornings I’d awaken with my heart racing have almost disappeared, and I’m guessing even my blood pressure is much better then it used to be. I don’t remember the last time I had chest pains, and they were happening quite frequently before.

Most days after play or rough sex I function with no or next to no pain in my body which for me is a huge change. Without the pain I am very flexible, sit cross legged on the floor and you can pretty much twist me in any direction! I sleep much more soundly and of course the stress being gone helps my mood and attitude for days to come when dealing with the general stresses of life.

 I have in the past engaged in my share of self destructive behaviours and being rid of the stress has made all those tendencies disappear also. You can tell when I am in need of play because I start to fidget and twitch and squirm, my body starts to ache and I no longer walk straight, the physical pain is that great.

That’s my reason for wanting and needing BDSM play. It’s not just kinky sex ……

Complete freedom from time and thought.

Love You Always Sir – And Thank You! ❤

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