Twists and Turns

For someone who likes to write, I find myself rather ‘not’ that person lately. Okay maybe it started a bit further back but I had set my mind on changing that until …..

Despite having a couple of blog sites I really do tend to be the ‘strong, silent’ type in most things. I keep to myself and have very little pull to tell or talk to anyone about anything. This is apparently no different with this issue.

I think my lack of interest is magnified by the way people in general tend to read what they want into what you’ve written and spend very little time actually ‘listening’ and pondering the words of another and what the meaning may be in that person’s circumstance, instead of in their own.

Anyway …

I can’t remember where I left off and I have no want to revisit past posts so I’ll start from what I think I remember – bear with me. I haven’t updated anyone in real life either, so don’t feel bad.

W was let out of hospital Dec 23rd, home we came with the promise of better things. His spinal fluid looked clear and we hoped he was cancer free. In January we started twice weekly trips to hospital (about 1 1/2 hours away) for lumbar punctures to both test fluids and give chemo. January 25th, after weeks of trying the cancer seemed to be back.

Last Tuesday, Feb 8th we had to start radiation treatment on the brain and spinal cord. We had done all we could to avoid it because he is only 19 and not done with brain development, we hoped to not chance any damage. Unfortunately it became clear that we had no choice.

W has 13 treatments until Feb 25th and then back to hematology for what I assume will be results from radiation and a new course of chemo once more. Fingers crossed we finally get the all clear …. again.

In March we also have a specialist appointment with neurology, W has what they call tortuosity in his brain. Because Leukemia, anxiety and panic disorder and PTSD thanks to abuse from a grade 9 teacher ….. aren’t enough for the poor kid to deal with. Oh and diabetes, did I mention his blood sugars are all over the charts when he is on steroids to help manage chemo symptoms? *sigh*

So I think we’re up to date now, I’m sure I’ve missed something but that’s the Cole’s Notes of it. I should be on the other blog since this is anxiety, illness and coping related but since I haven’t even broached the subject there – well I just don’t have the energy to worry about starting yet!

11 thoughts on “Twists and Turns

    1. I think you and I have many of the same sentiments for Leukemia, N! ❤ Thank you!

      I read your posts when I get a few minutes and a few spare brain cells to use … I'm happy to see you out and enjoying life, or recounting. It's also a very welcome distraction truth be told. Be well my friend.


  1. Ive been thinking about you and your family. Sending warm thoughts to you. I remember a time when I wanted to have F*#% Cancer tshirts made for myself. I am sorry it’s uglyness has touched your family.

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    1. It was not anything we ever thought we’d have to deal with, not at this age. It was and is a bit of a shock!
      We actually have some F*#% Cancer magnets and stickers in out area – not exactly like that, it’s more of a ribbon shape but maybe I’ll get one made!
      Thanks for the warm wishes, misfiery! We appreciate all the people in our circles that reach out ❤


  2. I don’t know what to say except that I understand, having dealt with ongoing, terrifying health crises when my sister was living. It’s brutally hard, more so than anyone who hasn’t experienced it can imagine. I wish I had words of wisdom to offer. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for good news. *big hugs*

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    1. Thanks HH ❤ I'm just keeping my mind on the positive and basically ignoring any thoughts that are not. I know we still have options no matter the result of radiation but I'm focusing on taking one step at a time and not dwelling on the 'what if' … ❤

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