Note to ‘self’, or in this case, Sir! *wink*

We had a wonderful Friday night, a very long day but a good one!

We got to go to a concert and watched my favourite band of all time. Well, a cover of them but a really good one celebrating 30 years!!

I got to wear my showy collar out!!! *grin* That was the first time that Sir has let me, I am pretty happy about that. I wore it like it was always there, no worry of even a second thought to what anyone would think actually. I really didn’t have a care in the world over it. It is a style that I embraced long before D/s anyway.


Good thing I wasn’t worried about it because they ended up having metal detectors on the way in! Whoa ??? *giggle*

It went off so I motioned to the collar, he said that’s fine but I had to move over a bit so they could use the wand to scan me, NOT that wand!!! Naughty readers …. 😛

All I could think afterwards was good thing I wasn’t ‘wearing’ anything else made of metal! *wink* That might have been a bit awkward!

Sir figured I had enough to deal with in trying to keep my scratch safe and from creating further damage so He opted for not having additional ‘jewelry’.

Mental note is that if we go out again and want to remain undetected it is best to remember to stick to glass …. *chuckle*

This concludes your public service announcements!

Happy Monday!!

I’ve never believed in luck, but …


We had a bit of fun last night, played around with a cool toy from Wicked Daddy’s online store and now I have awful pains in my abdomen. UGH

I’m very uncomfortable and I’m hoping it will pass as I get moving along today. I’ve been having a few other peri-menopause type symptoms (at least I think that’s the culprit) lately, soreness and lack of sleep to name a couple. Pain after sex is and could be the peri-menopause issue here, too.

I don’t believe in luck, and good luck has certainly never been a thing for me so …. doesn’t that mean I shouldn’t get stuck with bad luck either??

Enough already …… I want some peace, please!

Thank you universe, that is all.

*** for the record, I don’t believe the toy or how it is made has anything to do with this. It is a very fun and exciting thing to play with, when my body co-operates! ***