I try, honest I try!!

‘You look like you have bunny ears when you bend over …’  

I didn’t know if I should laugh or be shocked!! It was said to me this morning – by a 5 year old!!! :O

I keep kink out of my work day because I work with children. To me, the two simply don’t mix. But then this …. *shakes head but grins*

I suppose it’s better than the day he said he ‘wanted to be down Dora’s throat’!!?!?!!

I try, I swear i try ….!!!! *chuckle*

‘Boob’ day!


boob (third-person singular simple present boobspresent participle boobingsimple past and past participle boobed)

  1. To behave stupidly; to act like a boob. quotations ▼
  2. (informal, intransitive) To make a mistake

If I understand correctly, Friday is ‘boob’ day! I would say this ‘boob’ is the cutest I could post …. she certainly seems to be mistaken in her size! LoL


She just fits, don’t you think?? LoL

Happy Friday All! 😉


I have a question, related to something I read not too long ago. I think it might have been referring to me, maybe not. Either way it did get me thinking.

Do you all enjoy when I share funny little bits and pieces of things that have happened here? Things that are not really deep or meaningful in any way. Things that are simply meant to give a smile or show that regardless of how you choose to live and label your life, its the small fun times in between that really makes us happy in the long run.

I prefer to be happy, I prefer to smile and sometimes things happen that I don’t mind sharing in the hopes of sharing that smile too.

Is it just frivolous? Would you prefer not to have that pop up in your readers, or does it do as I hoped and simply share a smile in a world that could use more of them??


Don’t worry, I’m not going to change …. I just would like some feedback. 🙂

Power Exchange Recipe

I love to cook, and bake. I find recipes all the time for new and exciting flavours that I want to try out.

Once I have found a recipe that looks promising I try it out. Sometimes I leave it as is because it works perfectly with our tastes.

Sometimes I change it by tweaking the amounts or adding things to make it better suited for us. Sometimes it’s as simple as just leaving one thing out.

Sometimes I disregard it all together because it simply doesn’t suit us.

Sometimes I’m asked to share my recipe. I fully expect that person to go through the same steps, to make it their own. To make it perfectly suited to their own tastes.

I suppose I could run around telling them they are making it wrong, or I could be realistic and mature and realize that we all have our own individual palates.

If I’m open-minded, I might even find a new flavour I enjoy! *wink*

So many things on my mind today …. I think this more or less covers them all! Go cook your own meals folks, write your own recipes. Don’t worry about what your neighbour is having for dinner! LoL