Sunday, bloody Sunday …. !(graphic pic, beware)

Okay, well it all started actually on Saturday.

True to His character the Bear has stepped up and taken control of things that I was missing. We have talked and thought and are in the process of making changes that need to be made right now.

The mood from both of us is better and in general things are running smoothly.

We went out for dinner with the kids, actually found a nice restaurant and had a good meal. That alone is progress! I’m a pretty good cook I would say and many times we go out the food is a let down. This time we all enjoyed our meals! Yays!!

We got home, the kids settled in to their routines and we stole a few minutes to get into the hot tub! What a great start to a Saturday night! And then ……

A freak accident with a dog, me going one way, dog going the other, my leg in the way ….. oppsy!


The stress, the pain, the heat from the tub. The current physical issues I’m dealing with and the commotion …. My body temp shot through the roof, I was dizzy and sick. I couldn’t stand up, felt like I was going to vomit and was very literally dripping sweat all over the floor, even soaked my robe.

Made it into the bathroom and ended up on the floor. Had to call the Bear to come and help and He took my robe off so my temp could come back down! I just wasn’t in any state to be able to think or help myself.

Finally my temp started to come down and my head started to come back up. My mind started to clear and I finally didn’t feel like I was going to either be sick or pass out!

One more attempt brought to a halt! LMAO  We really seriously can not win when it comes to this ….. damn good thing I have a sense of humour! It was certainly a memorable evening!

My leg is still bleeding a bit this afternoon but at least I can walk on it, sort of. Trying to keep my weight off of it so the bleeding will stop. My oldest has taken to calling me ‘House’! Some of you might find that funny, I do …. but come on. I’m not stubborn … 😛 *chuckle*

Should have the house to ourselves this evening for an hour while the Walking Dead is on. Don’t think any play is going to be possible tonight either. Another night bites the dust!!

Read a post on Karma ….. if that’s true, I’m one awful person!

Handle one issue, two more arise …….

Sunday, bloody Sunday ….

‘Boob’ day!


boob (third-person singular simple present boobspresent participle boobingsimple past and past participle boobed)

  1. To behave stupidly; to act like a boob. quotations ▼
  2. (informal, intransitive) To make a mistake

If I understand correctly, Friday is ‘boob’ day! I would say this ‘boob’ is the cutest I could post …. she certainly seems to be mistaken in her size! LoL


She just fits, don’t you think?? LoL

Happy Friday All! 😉