Happy Tuesday Sir

Not much going on in my mind and LOTS all at the same time!

Nothing too crazy or in need of care but I have so many thoughts and things that need my attention or at least are in need of planning.

Physically I feel like hell, too many things combining again to become somewhat over whelming, with no end in sight of course! Well I know what would likely help BUT I’m not ready to quit working yet so …. one foot in front of the other and carry on!

Emotionally I’m fighting the urge to set up expectations this week that may or may not be met. I’m starting to feel a bit like this dynamic is becoming very one-sided …. I’m not saying it’s true, or that you are doing anything wrong exactly but that is how I’m feeling. Strictly sexually (BDSM) speaking which makes me feel rather selfish …. but there it is!

I know you’ve been working hard lately on a lot of things and they are all working out nicely, at least from what I feel. Maybe that’s why I’m starting to really crave the rest ….

Love You Sir ❀

Oh happy day ….

I’m having a wonderful time living my life and enjoying this journey with you Sir!

I can’t help but think of the subtle differences in my life since we started on this journey of domination and submission. I feel like a better person (not that I ever felt I wasn’t a good person but I feel even better now). I feel better equipped to handle all the stuff life throws at me because I have you to fall back on and rely on.

This new-found freedom in submission gives me peace of mind and a calmness that I can carry with me no matter what might be going on around me. It’s like an invisible shield protecting me from the harshness of the rest of the world.

I just don’t seem stressed or bothered by the things that happen around me ….

I know what it is Sir!! It’s balance …. I have so much control and responsibility with so many things in my life, handing over control of me, to you brings me balance.

Thank you Bear! Love You Always ❀


Happy Monday Sir! :D

Thank you so much for such a wonderful, fun filled weekend Sir! It was simply amazing and I certainly have my ‘sub’ going on.

With everything else you do for me and all the other things you take care of in my life you never seem to be too busy to listen and indulge (assuming I’m a very good bunny πŸ˜€ )!

I’m enjoying this feeling of belonging to you very much Sir! ❀

Love You my wonderful Sir ❀

Sir …

Feeling a bit like this … (not because of Sir)

Need to talk to Sir …. figure out my next steps.

That is the point of a D/s relationship isn’t it? If I do it on my own, figure it out on my own, then I’m not giving Him the chance to lead …. right? Not that He stops me from growing and moving forward, that’s not what I mean, I mean He gets to help me move forward and He gets the last word, He gets to be involved …. right?

These are the times where my warrior has to take a step back and make sure I am following, or at least giving Sir the opportunity to lead.

I’m very good at doing for myself so some times it gets complicated to tell where I should keep going and where I should ask for directions. I don’t NEED help, but I welcome it from Sir. Humm ….

Love You Sir ❀



Happy Monday Sir

Today’s shower talk ….

Sometimes I wonder why it is people go looking for things and then can’t figure out why they found them, why they are stuck with them, why they can’t be free of them.

I’ve always believed that you get just what you expect, and that you see in others exactly what it is that is within yourself ….

If you go looking for evil, you will find it ….

If you go looking for sadness, you will find it …..

If you go looking for despair, you will find it …..

Be careful of that which you seek, because you will find it!

The world could use more happiness, what is it you are seeking to find out here?

Love You Sir ❀


Little Things, they mean everything to me.

I can’t tell you how happy you made me last night and I know you saw I was pleased but I’m not sure if you know by how much! πŸ˜€

When you said that you look forward to coming home even more everyday then ever before you made me very happy. I felt a slight bit of guilt because you said you’d rather just be home now then go anywhere else, I felt a bit guilty for causing you some discomfort …. but I figured you probably like it better that way so I kind of forgave myself! (My brain works in mysterious ways, what can I say.)

The other thing you said was that every time you walk through the door you are sure to find me waiting with a big smile on my face, and that makes your day. That comment not only made me very happy but it also made me very proud of myself!

Of all the kinky sexy stuff, of all the service and servitude, of all the rules and rituals … that was what made me the most proud. I think it’s because it’s not demanded, it’s not on purpose and it’s not planned. It’s just natural and true! πŸ˜€

I Love You Always Sir ❀


Baby number 2 turns 14 today!

I’m not nearly old enough to have two teenagers, am I???

I know I am in reality but I still have that same anticipation when you are just about home, and I still feel all the butterflies about seeing you. Can it really have been this long already?

So many things have changed along the way, but the way I feel about you is still the same. In some instances even better! We are certainly not in the ‘honeymoon’ stage of our relationship but I still get all the excited energy when we are together …. πŸ™‚

And to my young man, you make me proud to be your mom. I can’t believe it has been 14 years since you came into my life, time certainly does fly when you are having fun!

Shopping trip …. but why Sir?

Yesterday was a tough day for me, physically I’m having a lot of issues to deal with and yesterday was a particularly rough day. Lots of pain meds later and I still can only walk hunched over until I get going and bending or stretching is at half what it normally would be at best! I haven’t been able to plank properly in over a month, not because of my abs but because my lower back is in enormous pain when I try! Not good for me, it’s normally part of my daily exercises.

Anyway, so yesterday you wanted to go and finish up the groceries Sir and I knew they needed to be done but I was hoping you would have just done them yourself and let me stay home. Obviously that didn’t happen, so I put on my happy face, … ran into a few friends and I think I was very pleasant, no?

Lots of smiles and small talk later we were finally on our way home. It was then that I asked you ‘Why did I have to come with you Sir’?

Your answer was simple and all I needed to make the whole ordeal worth while …. “I don’t know really, because I wanted you with me, that’s all!”

That’s all I needed to know Sir ….. Thank you!

Love You Always Sir ❀