My Masochism

Pain- I think I *like* pain, I think I crave pain when things are difficult because when it comes to pain, I know what to expect.

I know what to prepare for, I know I can take it.

Maybe my submissive self is just a control freak! lol I know I am, no question there. *wink*

I can control everything, makes me a strange type of submissive, makes my post a few back a bit more sensical, if you have been paying attention. 😉

Anyway, you know what they say – when you’re going through hell ….. keep going!

many moons ago I sent this to a friend, here, when he could still partake. I sent it because I felt it to be a power song, a show of resilience, and that’s what i’m sending to myself now.

That, and this!!

Life is short, hug your family and tell those you love.

**** Bear just left to get back *home* and to life before he doubles back this coming Friday. In case you needed me to tell you the trigger for these posts!

One thought on “My Masochism

  1. Interesting… what I love about pain play in my submission with Sir is taking what he wants to give me (within my limits) and having no say in how that might be delivered.

    My masochism can be sated elsewhere, but heavily negotiated scenes with my direct instructions about what I want, how I want it, pace, depth… I’d never considered myself a control freak until reading your words (though I’m often mistaken for being Dominant because of my air of control 🤣) but perhaps I am. And perhaps that’s one reason why Sir is the right fit for me. Because he gives me the courage and focus to be in absolute control, while also giving me the space to just be… (should have written a post instead of clogging up your comments, maybe I will!)

    More great tunes nijntje. I hope you are able to receive the pain you need soon. I’m poking my marks in the hopes you can feel the prods N x


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