Strange bedfellows

I ride this strange line, a line between dominant and submissive.

My entire existence has two parts, two inseparable parts. It makes it very hard to find people to call friends, in the real sense. If you don’t know what I mean than you probably won’t get this post either.

I’m not one who dwells on social graces or what others think or might say as a way of being. I take then into account of course because they are worth noting, but they aren’t worth living for … sorry.

What I do find is that my want for this dynamic falls into trouble when I want to find ‘friends’ with which to talk to and commiserate with in the troubles or tribulations that my mind may be going through.

Not to be offending or shocking, but this is just me getting the cr@p out of my head that is necessary. Don’t compare yourself, you shouldn’t -be original, be you. This is not a ‘how to’ post. This is also not a commentary on my blog land friends, that’s not what this is about so please don’t take it personally. It is personal that’s true, but personal to me, no one else.

But, he’s back now and so instead of being submissive I need to once again take charge so … maybe continue this later, maybe not!?!?!

I have a story to tell about a time when a friend told me a story ..because I was in a similar state and needed a dom to domme talk, to sooth my submissive soul. Confused? lol that’s okay it was an interesting story about a cabin and the super natural. His story to tell not mine, but if there is a Kitty around these parts who reads, let him know that even now it helps!!

Point is I fit in no where, i never have and likely never will. For the most part I’m fine with that – really. But there are these few and far between fleeting moments when one might fancy a call … 😉

One thought on “Strange bedfellows

  1. Your post resignated with me. Reading between the lines. Speaking with out saying the words.

    For me certain people bring out the brat which transitions to the domme side. She is a sadist. My normal personality is a very well respectful woman who toes the line of being playful or bitch. It takes a strong alpha Dom to pull my submissive out whom is a babygirl.
    My little side will only come out with great trust with my daddy dom and that’s only happened twice.

    I can’t domme a dom, I don’t get off on a power struggle. Because each personality shift must be handled individually for me to maintain the right headspace within the dynamic.


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