I take offense …..

See, I’ve always been steady in my way of thinking but until now maybe … not had the preverbal fire under my arse?? lol I don’t know why now exactly I just know it works for me, so seems if you want to read this blog you get to bear witness!

I have for some time had a problem with people who think that ‘vanilla’ can’t be as committed, as strong, as connected – as D/s, M/s BDSM etc etc.

I was never in a dynamic, in the community, in the ‘know’ of all these letters before but what I can tell you is I have always been intense! Intense in my relationships, romantic or otherwise.

I take issue with the idea that because a person or persons don’t identify as kinky, that means the depth of commitment and communication is not there. That is simply not true, not in my experience.

Maybe it’s my European roots, but all we do is full of passion and energy, commitment and trust. That’s what makes us, what makes us live and what makes us die … it’s that engrained. So how much more can you get? How much more connected can you be?

Cuz to be honest I haven’t yet found another connection more than this, and I have been around these D/s parts for a while now … just saying. There is a reason why Latin music is so damn energizing and sensual. Maybe it’s the sexy beat?!?! lol

2 thoughts on “I take offense …..

  1. I agree with you. It’s bothersome to say the least when anyone of any persuasion tells someone else “My relationship is (better, stronger, more sensual, more intense, more loving etc etc) than yours.”
    Really? Do you live with the people you’re critiquing? Have you been in the bedroom with them?
    What gives anyone the right to comment on things they know nothing about?

    This is a problem in today’s world. Everyone feels entitled to speak freely about anything and everything. Particularly when it doesn’t concern them in any way!

    Sending hugs and sunshine your way.

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    1. Hi, Angel! I’ve missed our conversations *smiles* It’s nice to see you around these parts!

      I think what most (?) mean to say is that THEY haven’t had the closeness or commitment etc in their own variations of ‘vanilla’ or other relationships, but it is very annoying when it’s put out there like it applies to all such relationships. Whatever one they may be referring to.

      I’ve read about more than my share of ‘dynamics’ that don’t seem to communicate or trust very well either. It’s something we can all learn regardless of the type of relationship we choose, or so that’s my thinking on it anyway.

      Trying to really see things from the perspective of another without judgement or bias is not an easy thing to accomplish but I believe we would all be better off if we tried a bit harder to do so.

      Anyway, the sun is shining brightly here, looks like your powers of persuasion are strong! lol Be well my friend, hope things are happy and healthy for you and yours this day. ❤


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