We’re home, well sort of …

We came home from the hospital on the 23rd, I’m glad to say that W is in remission. We have about 2 1/2 years of treatment ahead of us but all signs point to a full recovery!

I’m having a hard time wanting to write here but I figured since I started this story I owe you all at least some closure. I have yet to open my business up again, I have too many trips back and forth to the hospital ahead and the days and times would just not work with hospital appointments and the like. Not in my line of work anyway.

Bear has been the chauffer! LoL and the go-fer, personal shopper etc., etc. He needs something ‘to do’ in order to cope and I need him ‘to do’ in order for me to cope! *smiles* I guess we’re perfectly paired.

I slept at the hospital for 5 weeks, he travelled back and forth 2hrs each way daily for the last 4. Hospital food was not up to what W wanted so he made daily dinner runs as well! *chuckle* At least the kid kept eating …. that was a huge factor in helping him recover so we’re not complaining.

I miss my dynamic, or at least the pull or want for one but I can’t say my head is anywhere near that right now. It’s just not. We haven’t been intimate since before this all started, not sexually anyway, and I can’t say I’m much missing that right now either. I miss the idea of it occasionally but the thought of actually doing something about it is not enticing.

What does that mean? I don’t know, not very interested in that right now either! lol

My physical health has suffered, there is no doubt there, and my pain levels and hEDS flare(s) have been enough of a strain on my mind to keep everything else, except for W’s recovery, a hazy far off cloud. Will Bear and bunny come back around??

I don’t really have an answer for that, I know I have always put a lot of energy into keeping us ‘whole’ and I don’t have the reserves for that right now. I did have a dream that my ‘toys’ were all stolen and I was rather distraught. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m not ready to retire yet. Plus, I find myself here again too …. *shrug*

Anywho ….

Happy New Year, friends! ❤

7 thoughts on “We’re home, well sort of …

  1. And that is happy news to start the break Nijntje. To be home with a promising outlook.

    And you’ve been on one hell of a ride. I enjoy the ebb and flow of BDSM in my world, and when the time is right I have no doubt that Bear and bunny will make an appearance. But there is more to life than that. I hope you all heal swiftly. N x

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    1. Thanks, N! I think you’re right, I think we will be back to ‘naughty’ in due time.
      Level headed friends with wisdom and support is what I need in my BDSM world right now I think, and I’m glad to have you in my corner!


  2. I’m glad you guys are home. I’ve only been on your adventure with you for like 20ish minutes, but this is one of those things I think everyone can appreciate, if not understand.

    As to the adventures of Bear and bunny, lifestyle breaks happen. Life gets in the way. You guys will find your way back to it once normalcy returns.

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    1. Thank you, Storm. I’m glad I decided to hop on back this way today, I’m feeling a bit lighter on my feet already – and these are some big feet!! lol

      I’d been missing the community of writing here and that was before all this. I may just have to set it to my schedule again.

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  3. I was very relieved and glad to see your post. You’ve received some wonderful news about your son to start the new year. As a two-time cancer survivor, I can say that you and Bear will definitely have times when you return to your dynamic. Obviously your emotions and physical health will be up and down based on how your son is doing. D/s doesn’t just go away imho. Sometimes it is waiting patiently up on a shelf and other times it’s the active vital life force of your relationship. Don’t worry.

    I have you in my prayers and on my mind.

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    1. Thank you, my friend! I have missed seeing you about these parts …. I have peeked over your way a few times in the hopes of catching a glimpse of how you’re doing. 🙂

      The news is the best that we could have hoped for and I’m trying to keep that at the forefront. This child has had so many things to deal with in his short life that it’s sometimes hard for me not to get upset, but I try to keep it together for his sake.

      This too shall pass …. right!?!? Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers, it helps to know others are pulling for us as well. ❤


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