Hi folks, sorry I’ve been away again. Kink has been on the backburner for a little while, more or less, so I haven’t had much to think on or write about.

My hEDS has been in a flare up for a while and it seems that I also suffer from MCAS – yay me! Basically I have been crazy sore, gaining bruises and swelling left and right and now having allergic reactions to EVERYTHING, including new and interesting kinks that we had decided to try and now I can’t have anything on my body or skin.

Pain play and impact play/BDSM are still hard to come by due to first privacy and secondly, my illness. I should see a doctor but mine seemingly knows nothing about this condition, at least not the last time I spoke to him over a year ago! *fumes* But that’s for another blog site ….

One month ago we also lost our German Shepherd, that was hard of course.

So I’m still here, we’re still here. Still trying to get on with life as are all of you too I’m sure. Crossing my fingers that this flare will end, or at least settle down enough that we can get some sort of energy to play! I’m trying not to focus on what has been missing and focusing instead on what (hopefully) lies ahead.

I haven’t really had any sexual appetite lately, I bet you can guess why that might be! LoL Not entirely sure what to do about that. *shrug*

Happy Friday my friends! Stay safe, stay kinky if you can too!

4 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Sorry to hear about the flare ups and body issues. It suuuuuucks when that happens, and putting kink to the back burner is disappointing and frustrating. I hope things settle down for you soon. *hugs*

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    1. Thanks HH, I knew you would have a very good understanding of what I was talking about. I’m sad you share in this misery but I am happy to be understood, genuinely.
      I’ve found so much and have learned so much about this condition that I at least know I’m not going ‘mad’ or making it all up. Now if I can only figure out a way to make it manageable! I haven’t bothered with my GP because I really don’t have any faith there, been waiting well over a year for referrals to pain clinic and pulmonologist ….. *crickets* so I haven’t bothered with anything else, just research. Sadly I’m finding that my experiences are all too common! *fumes*
      I did find a FB group with shared experiences that is helping me decide when to ride it out and when to perhaps bite the bullet and seek medical attention. Ever onwards!!
      *hugs* back to you, I haven’t been around much but I bet you won’t mind having them *smiles*

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