Well, that’s the plan anyway …

Over the past few years that has become my catch phrase!! LoL

Not because I can’t decide, not because I can’t commit – No, It’s because my body and brain will often change ‘the plan’ for me.

As someone who likes structure and being prepared as well as having a bit of a perfectionist streak (no comment needed, Bear!) it can be mentally and emotionally challenging to accept the situation and change my attitude. Or at least it was. Those days are, for the most part, behind me now.

Much of what I write about my life and chronic issues is left to my other blog site but once in a while it does crash head on into my D/s adventures as well. That is pretty much where I find myself now. Bear and I keep trying to add and implement rituals we both know help to maintain the energy levels of sex and kink and D/s that we enjoy and every time I take a ‘turn’!

When I’m in a flare up it tends to carry on for a while and wouldn’t you know it?!? The few moments of ‘normal’ I get are met with an injury or other mishap for the Bear! *shakes head* Of course, right? I can’t say that attitudes change, it’s just that hot, sexy energy that becomes more of a smoldering.

Between that and ongoing Covid restrictions that cause my work load to more than double, well my intentions to start writing here again have been derailed! So i just wanted to let you all know that we are still here and we are still plugging along, just as everyone else.

I would still like to get back to sharing my thoughts and things I’ve learned but I just can’t say exactly when that will be! It looks like maybe 3 weeks in my area before I get my time back again. I’ll hop in when I can, like today, but until things calm back down again for me – Be Well! Take care and keep on keeping on (as the saying goes.)!

Comments welcome! :D

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