Started off good!

This week has been a bit of a bore! It started off good with some fun kinky times! The energy was ‘right’ and even took some chances through the house while the teen slept! lol

My health took a turn though and my body decided it needed to break down for a while! Got the sniffles to boot, no clue how since I really don’t go anywhere these days but we did order some take out. UGH It’s either that or from touching the mail ….. is this ever going to end!?!?

Anyway, Saturday now and I’m hoping to tap into some fun energy and engage in some bratty play with the Bear! What’s the urgency? Well you see, we were on holiday this week and so I guess my mind was hoping for a bit more intense D/s and less – everything else!

Due to the covid numbers in our area we are going back into stricter lockdown and that actually makes my work day longer, not shorter!! This week was probably the last chance in another long while that we really had time to focus on our relationship and fun times while letting the rest just wait for a while. Seems life had other ideas …. *shrug*

I miss a more intense and sometimes structured way of living our D/s and Bear tends to be more on the casual side. I honestly think we both benefit from short periods of more intentional D/s energy and structure. I’m not sure if trying to do that all the time would work right now because we both still have too much ‘life’ around us BUT taking small breaks from reality and pretending we’re carefree and have all the time in the world for just ‘this’ is nice sometimes!!

I’ve always said I’m not a one trick pony (or rabbit in this case!) and I do need more than just one form/type/dynamic … ? Not sure what term to use here, the point is I need some M/s time in my life in order to relax, I need some D/s time in my life in order to be calm, and I need some ‘bunny’ time in my life in order to be fun and free!

I was hoping for a bit more of that this week but as I said, life had other plans!

It’s going to be busy and we’re going to be tired but I think it’s time to sit down and make a plan, a D/s plan, so that He gets what He needs and I get what I need. I’ve been at this too long to let it go off the rails because I know I’m going to need more, and I know He’ll happily ignore it if He can! 😛

Even doms need a kick in the back side once in a while – Just don’t tell him I said so! Still waiting for the bruises to leave my butt from our earlier fun! *wink*

Stay safe! Be kinky! Have fun! ❤

2 thoughts on “Started off good!

  1. The more we experience the ups and downs of D/s and the more I read about such things past and present in blog land, it just is an extremely common thing for the HOH to drop the ball. We all work hard to try to avoid that but try to fix it as soon as we notice it, but it seems an almost universal (to those in this lifestyle) struggle.

    Maybe we subs should actually be in charge for like 1 week or 2 with no real punishment/discipline of course because we don’t do that and neither do they (doms) ….. Maybe this would accomplish 2 things: 1) Actually showing the HOH not how to do it right, but kind of more what our expectations are ……. and 2) Make us subs realize how hard it is to be the Dom, overseeing everything especially emotions, etc……..

    Or I could just be crazy! Anyway, I hope you have a good fun time whether it’s the D/s, M/s or bunny kind, I hope you get some fun times soon with your Bear! Hugs, Windy

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    1. You’re not crazy, Windy. At least not in this! lol
      One of the reasons I prefer D/s to other forms of power exchange relationships is just what you explained here. In D/s we do go to the table with all our expectations and then collaboratively work out a plan of action. It’s also reviewed on an ongoing basis to make changes/adjustments as we evolve as people and partners.
      Life will always get in the way it’s the energy of maintaining the dynamic that’s the true work and reward!
      Between covid and personal chronic issues, it’s been one crazy ride lately!! I’m hoping to get some fun time soon too! LoL Thank you my friend! ❤


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