Looking for …..

Does anyone here know where I might find some good information on a brat/brat tamer dynamic?

I suppose S.A.M. (smart @ss masochist) would also be something of interest. Bear and I are evolving, again, and I think I may be ready to try to tap into this aspect of BDSM.

I’m not talking about being rude or disrespectful or disregarding rules – more of a warrior needing conquer not simply submitting. That said, a little bit of naughty is always fun! *wink*

Chime in, send a link, whatever you may have is appreciated!


5 thoughts on “Looking for …..

  1. I’m not sure about resources, it’s not my area of expertise, but will do a little asking around with my friends. They may not know of anything online but may well be comfortable talking to you via email about their dynamics and what works for them.

    Is that OK?

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    1. Absolutely! That would be great, I do miss having an honest reliable group of like minded people to talk to! It has been a long time since I’ve been able to do that, I miss it! 🙂

      73nijntje@gmail.com is my email, it also has chat through ‘hangouts’ app if that’s easier! Thanks so much!!! 😀 I appreciate it.


  2. As a brat, I will tell you there are few resources that aren’t inherently skewed to the negative. Quite a lot of people see bratting as being disrespectful, rude, unsubmissive, etc. when it really isn’t. It’s about the give and take of the chase, and being conquered instead of capitulating (as you stated). It’s supposed to be fun and teasing. Sadly not many people who aren’t brats themselves understand that.

    HD and I are both brats. We joke and tease each other quite a bit. Sometimes this spills over into more Primal wrestling during sex, sometimes it’s as mild as me swatting his bum when he walks by and him catching me before I make contact (which isn’t fair). Part of the ‘taming’ that we do involves ‘funishments’ where I (as I am usually the submissive) get spanked or flogged for some perceived infraction, but we both know it’s in fun and not an actual punishment.

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    1. Thank you, HH! That sounds a lot like the way Bear and I behave as well, especially when ‘bunny’ come out to play! LoL

      Our sex time will also turn primal in these moments which I know He really enjoys but that’s where I have a hard time staying in a more fun mode. It becomes almost too primal – like no D or s, just animalistic. I know it can also be a thing – it’s just a thing I’ve outgrown, for a lack of a better explanation. It’s how we started some 20+ yrs ago! *smirk*

      I think if we had the house to ourselves it would be much easier to tap into because the funishments would flow more naturally … at least that’s my theory! lol Any inspiration from others is appreciated. 🙂


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